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Jonny Miller

Curious Human | Emotional Resilience Coach | Co-founder at Maptia

  • Available: This Week
  • 9 credits per session

Jonny has a background in startups co-founding @maptia (a Techstars backed startup) and later led 250+ founders to launch their companies through Escape the City. He is currently a certified meditation instructor, host of the Curious Humans podcast and facilitating workshops on emotional resilienc...

  • Mindfulness
  • Mindset
  • Founder Coach

Adarsh Solanki

Cloud Specialist; TPM @ Facebook

  • Available: Mon
  • 6 credits per session

I've spent my career working on cutting-edge technology on a global scale. I have worked on a variety of difficult problems, from streaming March Madness to building a scalable cloud service for automatic speech recognition. Outside of my tech background, I have been practicing mindfulness for nea...

  • Product
  • Tech Architecture
  • MVP
  • Mindfulness
  • Culture

Sara Silverstein

Breathwork Facilitator

  • Available: This Week
  • 6 credits per session

Sara is a dynamic soul who has lived a few lifetimes in one. She has a wide array of business experience in New York City spanning from being a Fashion Photographer to managing a Law Firm and eventually ending her corporate career in Finance. Her insatiable hunger to learn and do more in this lif...

  • Mindfulness
  • Mental Health

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